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One of the things that was stressful for us when we first went was planning and getting an idea of how time would go to not miss anything we wanted to see as a family.

A solid hint I can provide you is that for every activity you plan look to give yourself a day off in-between to allow yourself flexibility, as we found many more things to do while just being in the area.

Preplanning is helpful from a stress standpoint but you can find out you are causing yourself to miss something else you would love to experience, like when we went to Sydney we had plans for Blue Mountains, Sydney Zoo, and the Opera House.

What we got to do with time off is to explore the water front areas, go to Manly Beach, go to Bondi Beach, get a tour out on the water of the entire sea side. All of these made the trip seem so much more encompassing and awesome afterwards, do yourself a favor and give yourself time.