When is Prime Time to Visit the Gold Coast?

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The famous coastal city of Australia’s state of Queensland- The Gold Coast, is a preferred getaway for people all over the world. Gold Coast has earned that reputation due to its enjoyable and exciting weather, family-friendly destinations, and beautiful beaches. If you are planning to go there, you might ask, what is the best month to visit Gold Coast? 

To be honest, the Gold Coast is a year-round destination. It is pleasant to visit at any time of the year. It is a subtropical climate destination that never gets too hot or too cold. However, I consider March-May to be the best time to go to the Gold Coast for a vacation. It is the Autumn season during those months and is the perfect weather in my opinion for holidays.

My preference does not need to be yours too. In this article, I have talked about what it is like visiting the Gold Coast during various months of the year, so that you can choose a month that adjusts best to your needs and likings.

Surfer surfing in Main beach. It s a very popular surfing beach in Surfers Paradise

When Can You Visit the Gold Coast?

Most tourists tend to wonder why is Gold Coast so popular. It is because of how adjustable the climate of that destination is throughout the year.

However, you may not be comfortable in every temperament of Gold Coast, thus, you also need to know how the weather and seasons impact it if you are willing to travel there. 

Australia has four seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. During these seasons, it is only natural that the beaches and other recreational destinations on the Gold Coast change their nature as well.

Read below about the different months and seasons and how the spirit of Gold Coast differs during those times, and also the months I consider best.


It is summer from December to February on the Gold Coast. Locals visit the beaches mostly during summer as they can lay on the beaches to enjoy the sun.

It is crowded with families during this time and tourism is also at its peak as it is also the school holidays season. 

During summer, the theme parks offer exciting rides and other recreational activities. It is the perfect weather for playing water sports at the beaches as well. 


As it is also the time for Christmas, there is a festive vibe in the city during these months. Houses are decorated for Christmas and the decorations last up until the New Year arrives.

The city also offers fairs and programs for the festival and the arrival of a new year. Thus, it is a crowded time of the year on the Gold Coast. 


It is Autumn during these months, and are the best times to visit the Gold Coast in my opinion.  The school holidays are over as April starts.

Children are back to school and thus the beaches are less crowded and if that is what you prefer, then you must visit in April to May. 

During these months, the weather is not too hot but it is consistently sunny. There is a lower rainfall and a comfortable temperature, a minimum of 16.9 degrees C to 24.5 degrees’ maximum. Even the hotel prices are the lowest at these times. 

People enjoy surfing, swimming, and other beach activities. You can enjoy it all within your desired budget as activities cost less too. There are joy rides as well, that the beaches offer, making the time there more enjoyable. 

Autumn does not make Gold Coast as deciduous as the trees during fall seasons. Besides the beaches, these months are also perfect to enjoy outdoor activities such as- fishing, picnics, hiking, hot-air balloon, and walks in the hinterlands and forests.

Also, during these months, the annual festival- Blues on Broadbeach music event also brings so much joy to the Gold Coast. It is a location of just a 5 – 10-minute drive to the south of Surfers Paradise.

They are popular for their nightlife and food. They offer tons of entertainment- free concerts on parklands and the streets.  There you go, a great out-door fun day planned for you!  


It is winter from June to August. Even while it is winter, the Gold Coast is a phenomenal destination. It is known as the ideal time to enjoy whale watching. Humpback whales make their migration towards much warmer water bodies as winter approaches. 


People also go rainforest trekking during winters. Mount Tamborine in Gold Coast Hinterlands is great for doing so. Also, Springbrook National Park has beautiful scenic views, if you go to the Gold Coast during winter, try this place out for sure. 


It is Spring during these months. The weather is mostly windy and is great for kite-surfing, windsurfing, and kite-boarding. During Spring, the Coolangatta Gold Festivals also take place.

It is less crowded during the beginning of this season on the Gold Coast. You can also enjoy Moonlight Movies by the beach. As the nights feel warmer than the days, you will be comfortable and will be able to enjoy the soft breeze of the beach and the coastal city in general. 

Just like winters in Gold Coast, you can experience the humpback whales once again as they travel back due to warmer waters. 

If you enjoy crowds, you can go during October – November, as the festivals start and many other annual events take off. 

When Should You Not Visit the Gold Coast?

It is never a bad time to visit the Gold Coast. However, it depends on what kind of environment you are most comfortable in and what you look for in a destination you are visiting. 

In the months October to November, the Gold Coast slowly starts getting crowded. As Spring is on the verge of ending and Summer almost begins, the annual Gold Coast 600 V8 festival for racing starts its preparation and it goes on for weeks. This may lead to congestion on the roads.

People from other cities and even internationally, travel to experience this race, thus if you are not a fan of the crowd and plan on roaming around, you might get a little annoyed.

As it is a peak time for foreigners traveling to the Gold Coast, the accommodation prices and other expenses also get higher. 

The end of November also marks the beginning of summer on the Gold Coast, and also the month of Christmas when flight fares are known to get higher. Thus, it may not be budget-friendly compared to the other more flexible months. 

When Is the Best Time for Surfers?

January – April is the best time for surfers to visit the Gold Coast. The weather is warm and soothing. The months have the best waves compared to the other times.

As the crowd is less due to schools reopening, you will have an undisturbed surfing experience. 

The water is about 23 degrees and the swelling is also at its highest. It does not matter whether you are an experienced surfer or learning to surf, you also have surf lifesaver volunteers patrolling nearby for safety. 

North East winds blow from September to December. The waves are not preferred by surfers, as the swelling is low, and many consider it a bad time for surfing at all. 

Final Thoughts on the Gold Coast

So, what is the best month to visit Gold Coast? The Gold Coast is an all-year-round destination that you do not have to analyze as much before traveling.

However, there remains cost and climate concerns and personal choices of a vacation spot. And I hope this article was informative enough to do away with those concerns. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful trip. 


Josh is a loving dad and husband, writer, business owner, and someone who loves to explore the world. He last travelled to Australia to visit Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns and am looking to head back soon to see more! He is a huge fan of hiking, drawing, and so much more!

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