About Outback Tourist

When I was growing up I was fascinated by Koalas and Kangaroo, they were such odd and different creatures than anything in my wildest dreams, I looked up information and learned all I could about them.

Unfortunately, any trip was far outside my abilities due to cost and VISA needs. Fast forward to 2014 and my wife, who is more of a superfan than I am, wanted to take a trip there and wouldn’t take no for an asnwer.

Thankfully we were able to max out the credit cards, I don’t condone this approach, and get the tickets and itinerary for our own 14 day trip to the Eastern side of Australia.

This trip was amazing and I have spent the next few years working on how to be able to take a trip again, this is where I continue to document everything I learn and anything interesting I believe others may want to go visit or experience!