A Journey Begins: Exploring the Must-See Places in Perth

By Josh •  Updated: 09/07/23 •  7 min read

Are you planning a trip to Perth, Australia? Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat, stunning sights to see, or unique cultural experiences, this post is for you.

We’ve rounded up some of the top places to visit in Perth and its surrounding areas so that you can make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

Perth City Skyline from the Swan River
Perth City Skyline from the Swan River

1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is an amazing place to visit and it is one of the most popular destinations in Western Australia.

Located high on the crest of Mount Eliza, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of Perth’s city skyline and Swan River.

This park covers an area of 406 hectares and is visited by nearly 6 million people every year.

It has a beautiful botanical garden, several war memorials, barbecue areas, a gift shop, cafés, and plenty of natural bushlands for you to explore.

Kings Park & Botanic Garden is open 24/7 and is free to enter. So don’t forget to add this place to your list of places to see when you’re in Perth Australia!

2. Fremantle

Fremantle is a bustling port city situated just 25 minutes away from Perth.

This vibrant destination offers a range of attractions and activities that make it one of the best places to visit in Perth Australia.

From the iconic Fremantle Markets to the fascinating Fremantle Prison, there is something to suit everyone.


Cruise along the Swan River or take a tour of the WA Maritime Museum and WA Shipwreck Museum.

And don’t forget to sample some of the locally brewed beer or Western Australian wine at one of the many outdoor cafes and restaurants on Fremantle’s famous ‘Cappuccino Strip’.

3. Rottnest Island

After exploring the best places to visit in Perth, Australia, it’s time to take a short ferry ride from Fremantle to Rottnest Island.

This beach lover’s paradise is home to 63 beaches and 20 bays, making it the perfect place to relax and take in stunning ocean views.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy here, such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Take a trip to The Basin, one of Rottnest Island’s most popular beaches that have been previously rated as Australia’s Best Beach.

Join a guided bus tour to learn more about the island’s colonial and maritime history or spot a quokka while sandcastle building.

No matter what you choose to do, you’re sure to have an amazing time on Rottnest Island!


4. Cottesloe Beach

The next best place to visit in Perth, Australia is Cottesloe Beach. Located just 4 miles from Cottesloe, Western Australia, this beach is a shining beacon of beauty.

Not only can you make sandcastles and snorkel in its clear waters, but you can also visit the Je T’ Adore Sculpture and other attractions.


The best time to visit Cottesloe Beach is from November to March when the weather is warm and perfect for outdoor activities.

Enjoy a morning swim before the crowds come in or take in the breathtaking sunsets and nearby pubs.

Stretching for nearly a mile from Mudurup Rocks to the Swan River, Cottesloe Beach is an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and basking in the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

5. Perth Zoo

The fun doesn’t stop there! Perth Zoo is another great attraction for those visiting Perth, Australia.

Located just five minutes from the city, the Perth Zoo offers up a wide range of animals, from Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroos to Australian tarantulas, as well as creatures from other corners of the world.

With a variety of tours and experiences like the Elephant Walk, Zebra Car Tour, Rhinoceros Tours, and so on, and even parties to beat the heat during the Australian summer, Perth Zoo is sure to keep you and your family entertained.

Plus, there are plenty of discounts available for those who plan their visit in advance. So make sure to check out what’s on offer before you go.

6. Hillarys Boat Harbour

If you’re looking for a great day out, Hillarys Boat Harbour is the perfect destination.

Located north of Perth, it’s home to many attractions including the Aquarium of Western Australia, the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, and the Hillarys Yacht Club.

There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained, whether it’s sailing, swimming, fishing, or boating.

If you’re looking for some relaxation, there are plenty of spas nearby such as Float Lab, Craigie Leisure Centre, and Timeless Skin & Beauty.

Plus, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Swan River and have easy access to the many activities it has to offer.

7. The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a must-see for anyone visiting Perth.

Opened in 1899, the Mint is one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic institutions.

Not only can you take a tour of the facility, but you can also learn about Australia’s rich history of coinage and even handle $700,000 worth of gold!

There are free guided tours that explain the history of coinage in Western Australia, and you can even watch the coinage process in action.

It’s a great way to get an up-close look at a part of Australian history.

8. Stirling Gardens

Continuing on with the exploration of Perth, Australia, the next stop is Stirling Gardens.

Located in the heart of the city, Stirling Gardens is an ancient botanical garden that has been around since 1845.

Named after Swan Valley Governor James Stirling, this park is full of well-kept lawns and shade, as well as a variety of plants and trees.

This is also where the Supreme Court buildings are located, which are open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

It’s a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some peacefulness and tranquillity.

9. Monkey Mia

For those seeking an unforgettable experience, Monkey Mia is the perfect destination.

Famous for its wild dolphin experience, Monkey Mia is surrounded by rusty red sand dunes, white sandy beaches, and water teeming with wildlife.

Here, marvel at a beach made entirely of tiny shells or explore the coastal sites of Fowlers Camp, Whalebone, and Goulet Bluff.

The best part is if you are coming from Perth, you get to enjoy different tourist attraction sites Australia has to offer.

Visit the World Heritage Listed region of Shark Bay which will leave you in awe of the beauty of nature.

Monkey Mia Reserve—on the western coast of Australia in Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site—is one of the world’s most reliable places to see dolphins.

Dolphins can be found along the coast year-round, but the best spots to experience these cheeky locals include the protected bays of Rockingham and Shoalwater.

10. Western Australian Museum

After exploring the stunning beaches, parks, and wildlife of Perth, it’s time to take a journey into the past at the Western Australian Museum.

This museum is the gateway to the state’s natural and cultural heritage, with six sites located in Perth.

It has a vast collection of exhibits related to history, culture, and local life, along with the Discovery Centre which offers an up-close look at the museum’s collections.

The WA Shipwrecks Museum is particularly impressive, as it’s the leading maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.


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