Cruising Australia: Better Than Land Based Vacations?

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With 35,877 kilometers of coastline, Australia is a country perfect for cruise vacations. On a cruise through Australia, you get to see breathtaking beaches, beautiful rainforests, and cosmopolitan cities.

But not everyone is aware of this grand Australian cruising experience. So if you are a beginner at Australian cruising, you may wonder “can you cruise around Australia?”

Australian circumnavigational cruises aren’t as common as other cruises due to limited interest, with Cunard doing at least one per year you can sign up for their annual round-the-world cruise. In 2021 the Queen Mary 2 will operate a near-circumnavigation as part of its round-trip world cruise.

With more than a staggering 18,000 miles of coastline, Australia is an island made for cruising. You’ll find coastal cruises that visit the major port cities.

The cruisers get to venture around to the inland attractions easily. You also don’t want to miss out on the beaches, mountains, cultural, historic, indigenous attractions, and much more.

Now that you know why Australia is among the most popular cruising destinations, you may be interested to know more. In this article, I will give you further details on why cruising is the best way to take a vacation in Australia.

I will also tell you the best time for a cruise around Australia and what ports are a must-visit along with an offer for an amazing course to help you learn to save money on your cruises.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Giant Cruise ship in Sydney Harbour Australia

Why Cruising May Be the Best Way to See Australia

For a vacation, resorts, and cruises are both attractive options. But for a vacation across Australia, I would argue that cruising is a better option.

It mostly depends on one’s personal opinion, but Australia is a country sculpted perfectly for cruising. To get the most out of the beautiful island, vacationing by cruising comes with an advantage.

All the reasons why you may want to choose to cruise over any other land-based vacation for a trip to Australia are below.

If you want to explore Australia, keep in mind that it’s an island continent with a coastline of over 18,000 miles.

So with a cruise ship, you will get to explore most of the attractive places. From shorter river cruises to repositioning cruises or longer and leisurely domestic cruises from Sydney to Melbourne are all appealing options.

On a cruise across Australia, you will get to experience endless beaches, blinding cities, lush mountains, historic sites, cultural and indigenous places, and much more.

The best thing about all this is that you won’t have to pay a single extra penny. Multiple destinations can be covered at no additional cost.

Choosing the right cruise line will open up vast opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the authentic experience of Australia.

You won’t just visit the places that most tourists choose to visit. You can venture out into the major port cities and experience the iconic opera house, world-class wineries, shopping districts, and more.

On a cruising vacation across Australia, you won’t just be exploring the whole country. You will have other sources of entertainment as well.

So if you grow tired of your exploration, you can simply take a break from it all.

Cruises have varied entertainment that you can refresh yourself with. From singing and dancing shows to casinos and even more, luxurious entertainment is ready for you depending on the type of cruise you’re taking.

Australia is a vast continent and planning everything you want to do on your vacation can prove to be challenging.

All the planning and research that goes into each day’s itinerary can take all the relaxation out of your vacation. But cruises take those matters completely into their hands.

You will find that most Australian cruises would put together a grand schedule of activities that you may choose to experience.

But if you don’t, you have the luxury to spend your day in your room, in either case, all you have to do is just board the liner.

Then the cruise will take over and provide a schedule of on-shore excursions and other activities.

Best Time to Cruise Around Australia

There is no “perfect time” to cruise across Australia. Even though it’s a continent, it’s also an island.

With the weather being warm throughout the year, cruising is a blast all-year-around. The best time to have a picture-perfect cruising experience would depend mostly on how you like your weather.

It’s important to remember that Australian seasons are opposite to those from the northern hemisphere.

So winter will stay around from June to August here. But it’s not the coldest winter you’ll experience and quite pleasant to be outside.

The winter season is very quiet for the cruising scene. You’ll find cruising trips for a lower price during this time.

So give cruising a chance in winter for a unique exploration trip to those places where you wouldn’t want to go in the summer.

October to April is known as the “Wave Season” and it’s almost like a festival for cruising.

Aussies are hungrier for cruising during this time and that says a lot. You will find amazing offers for departures, itineraries, vessels, and much more.

From December to February, it’s summer in Australia. Summer in Australia is scorching hot but no less attractive for a cruising experience if you don’t want to bake onboard.

With so many breathtaking beaches in the country, the summertime in Australia will give you the best time for snorkeling, surfing, or even beach volleyball.

Just remember to keep sunscreen and water bottles ready when you are planning.

Best Australian Ports to Visit by Cruising

Cruises can help you travel across many attractive places across Australia. But Australia is a long way to travel for most.

If you want to cruise all across the continent, you may wonder how long it takes to cruise around Australia.

It takes anywhere between 28 and 33 days depending on the number of ports you visit. So it certainly isn’t an easy feat.

If you are planning on a cruising vacation across Australia, the ports that are a must-visit are:


Sydney is one of the largest cities and a beautiful and historic part of Australia. You certainly cannot miss out on the beautiful and blinding view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The cruises will let you sample all the mouthwatering foods, visit historic museums, and short excursions.


Melbourne has the most to offer for those interested in art and cuisine. It’s a city bustling with amazing restaurants, shopping plazas, and bars.

Take a walk with your lover and vintage shops, cafes, and boutiques are certain to lift your mood. 


The charming city has a lot to offer for those who are interested in Australian culture.

A lot of outdoor activities such as rock climbing to a koala sanctuary to exciting theme parks await your visit.

Also don’t miss out on experiencing why the city is famously known as “BrisVegas” and get a taste of the lively nightlife. 

Hobart, Tasmania

If you are up for exquisite food and wine experience, do keep Tasmania’s capital on your list.

Not only is the place incomparable in natural beauty, but you will also get a chance to visit one of the world’s most unique private art museums.

Moreover, walk around the markets, galleries, breweries, and others for the perfect gifts and souvenirs for those back at home.

Looking to Save Money On Cruises?

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Cruising across Australia for a vacation is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you are looking for relaxation and leisure or action and adventure, a cruise is the best way to experience Australia.

For a beginner planning for a vacation to Australia, you may have wondered “Can you cruise around Australia?” And by now you’ve probably got your answer.

I hope reading the article has made you interested in experiencing a cruise vacation across Australia. Best of luck with planning for your perfect vacation.

I hope you have a splendid time and thank you for reading.


Josh is a loving dad and husband, writer, business owner, and someone who loves to explore the world. He last travelled to Australia to visit Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns and am looking to head back soon to see more! He is a huge fan of hiking, drawing, and so much more!

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